Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Celebrities Who Wear Fur Coats

Celebrities love to wear fur coats. From mink jackets to fox fur coats, they love the warmth and luster of silky fur against their skin. Here are some of the world's most famous people who wear fur coats.
1. Kate Moss: This beautiful actress was spotted in London in a beautiful fur gilet last month.
2. Rachel Zoe: Fashion stylists love fur, and this one can often be seen wearing white fox fur coats.
3. Sienna Miller: Talk about hot supermodels looking cool. Sienna was spotted at LAX wearing a collared-and-cuffed fur coat. She also has many other fur coats she wears, even when it's warm out.
4. Chanel Iman: Chanel wore a black fur jacket over a sequined cocktail dress recently for an elegant style that turned a lot of heads.
5. Pixie Lott: English entertainer Pixie was photographed in an elegant white fur at a recent promo event.
6. Amber Rose: Amber rose wore leopard printed heels with a fur wrap recently and made one of the biggest fashion statements of the season.
7. Geri Halliwell: Ginger Spice keeps spicing it up when she pairs her mink jackets with suede boots.
8. Paris Hilton: As if imitating Marilyn Monroe, Paris recently wore a white fur cape over a white dress.
9. Stacey Bendet: Designer Stacey looks great whenever she dons the softest furs she can find.
10. Zoe Kravitz: Lenny's daughter pushed the fashion envelope when she wore velvet leggings with her fur coat.
11. Coco Rocha: Taking a tip from Zoe, Coco bought a velvet and fur coat.
12. Leigh Lezark: Hot Misshapes DJ and model Leigh looked great when she wore a black fur coat at Mercedes Benz fashion week this year.
13. Lara Stone: Dutch model Ms. Stone is sexier than ever on the runway whenever she dons fur.
14. Ashley Olsen: Recently Ashley wore a black marabou feather jacket. She often wears luxurious fur coats.
15. Mary-Kate Olsen: To make the Olsen sisters one person on this list isn't fair to twins in general. But they both look good when they wear fur coats.It's hard to avoid fur this season. It appeared in 20% more catwalk collections this year than last. From fur collars and sleeves, to cropped jackets and gilets, shawls in mink and shearling, furs are inescapable. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, try slipping into some fur and experiencing the "tangible luxury" of these coats. And fox coats aren't just for ladies - mens fur coats are also popular on the runway. Many mens fur coats have removable fur collars so you can choose how you want to wear your style depending on your mood. So to make a statement about elegance and class, start shopping for fur. You won't be disappointed.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fendi - Videofashion Daily - Fur is One of the Dominant Trends of the Season

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Janet Jackson Is New Blackglama Spokesperson

Musician and actress Janet Jackson has been chosen as the newest star to front Blackglama’s campaign “What Becomes a Legend Most?”. As well as looking stunning, being an icon in the history of entertainment Janet Jackson represents the true essence of legend that Blackglama is aiming to put across through their campaign.

Janet joins an elite group of legendary Hollywood icons who have starred in the Blackglama’s campaigns in the past four decades – the rosta includes Sophia Loren, Diana Ross, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Liza Minelli. All Blackglama mink comes from the Origin Assured (OA™) farms which strictly follow governmental and agricultural guidelines and regulations that govern mink production –


Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Designer Dennis Basso - Saturating the Senses with Oppulent Furs for Fall and Winter 2010/2011

Dennis Basso is esteemed for his oppulent gowns and luxurious furs. His upcoming Fall/Winter season features sophisticated blacks with flurries of fox on collars and cuffs and underneath are rich sleek fabrics creating old world glamour that is utterly jaw dropping.Online Furrier, Aspen Fashions has fox fur coats in the same oppulent and high glamour style at a fraction of the top designer cost.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Real Women Wear Real Fur

The Real Housewives of NYC are proud to wear real fur coats. After all they are the opitomy of the oppulent and wealthy Amercian lifestyle. Wearing fake fur, duffle down or scratchy wool blends isn't going to send the right message. That message being "I've arrived and look at me, I'm everything you wish you could be".

Anyone that's ever watched any of the Real Housewives' series would be lying if they said they didn't salivate at the thought of living in a NYC penthouse, having a home in the Hamptons, vacationing in the Riviera, eating at the finest restaurants and shopping till you drop on Park Avenue.

As long as people aspire to have wealth and live glamorously, fur coats will be in vogue!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Makes Fur Coats Hot?

Have you seen fashion models wearing fur coats? Well, the use of fur coats in the fashion industry is not actually new. People for centuries have been wearing it and the public’s appreciation for this fashion trend is just becoming hotter than ever as more and more people, young and adults, have realized what fur coats are capable of giving.

So for what reasons really are fur coats worn?

People wear fur coats for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the quality of the fur provides warmth to its wearer. This is basically the reason that most of the coats made from fur are worn by people in winter. Note that this reason is considered as the number one reason, according to numerous polls.

The coats made of fur are also preferred by many people, especially those who are living in winter lands, for that reason that most of the fur coats are made long lasting. I think this reason is based on the notion that fur is a fiber that is naturally durable. Being durable, it’s no question that fabrics made from this material will last for a number of years. Aside from its durability, the fur coat is also considered by many as the best garment to wear because of a sense of restylability. What I am trying to say here is that the styles of coats made from fur change by time, but they can be restyled or updated according to what is hot at the present. Restyling of fur coats can be done easily provided that you have knowledge about the latest trends in the fashion industry, or if you know what to do with it to fit the latest fashion craze.

Another valid reason for wearing coats that are made from fur is that fur is natural fabric that is versatile enough to handle almost every scene and every occasion. According to many fashion experts, fur coats are not only best for special occasions. In fact, they can be worn for different events with a number of styles and designs available out there in the market for you to consider. Aside from that, coats made from fur may look good even when on your jeans or when you are wearing an evening gown. It will enhance your look, making your more terrific and desirable. Now, isn’t it great?

Beyond the physical attributes of fur coats, it is nice to know that most people tend to wear this kind of coats for reason that has something to do with nature. Well, what I mean is that many people find such kind of garments as environmentally friendly. They actually base their claims on the notion that fur is a fine natural product that is biodegradable. It is even a renewable resource. So unlike its stronger counterpart, the polyester fake coats and those that are made from petroleum-based synthetics, the natural coats made of the natural fur can do great things to the environment. Scientifically speaking, the coats once disposed can be decomposed and absorbed into the ecosystem.

There are other good reasons for wearing fur coats, but whatever your personal reason is, coats made of fur truly provides you not only a sense of unique fashion and style, but also comfort and convenience. It is soft, comfortable and even lightweight, making it truly worth wearing.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Fur is undoubtedly the number one fashion accessory this season. And I’m not just talking about a traditional coat. There is fur trim on sweaters, on coats, even on dresses.
There are fur hats and fur bags."

-Anna Wintour, Chief Editor, American Vogue

Fur Coat For Fun

By Agust Hauksson

A fur coat can be a present or gift of a lifetime to the woman
you love. A fur coat is one that is expensive, that is luxurious
and that will be personal as a gift to the person that you love.
You can give the gift of a fur coat, a fur stole, a fur bag, or
a fur-lined jacket to a woman that will keep her warm in times
where the weather is very cold. Fur coats do require a special
need to be worn when you take her out, so don't forget to give
her a fur coat and a promise to get out and go somewhere she can
wear that fur coat.

You can give a fur coat to your mother, as a present or gift
for mother's day or for her birthday. A fur coat can cost
between a hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars, depending
on the type of fur, the type of material the fur is used with,
and the size of the coat.

The more rare the animal, the higher the price tag is going to
be. If you are purchasing a fur coat for your mother, be sure
you are making the choice of one that you really think she is
going to love, a short coat, a long coat, a jacket, or a scarf
like stole.

Purchasing a gift for your girlfriend

If you have a gift to purchase for your girlfriend, you should
consider a fur coat. You can purchase a real or fake one. The
fake fur coat is more of a purchase for the girl friend you want
to impress, that you want to look good, but you aren't sure if
you are going to spend all that money just yet on her with
getting her a real fur coat. If you are happily involved, and
you feel the relationship is going very well, consider the
purchase of a real fur coat, one that will bring her even closer
to you than before.

Buying a fur coat

If you are purchasing a fur coat for your wife, you should
consider buying one that will fit her personality. Does she love
the color red, black, white or a mixture? There are all types of
fur coats, one that is leather with a fur collar, or with fur
cuffs. There are also fur coats that you can purchase that are
going to keep a woman warm down to the coldest temperatures
because of the down lining or the lining that is put in the fur

Other types of fur coats can be worn when it is chilly outside
and it is not going to keep warm when the temperatures dip down
to a very cold temperature. Check out the fur coat you are
considering purchasing, and think about where she will be
wearing that coat before you actually make up your mind on the
coat you are going to purchase.

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